Why the word BRIDEZILLA came to existence… The purpose of this post is to who help anyone in a wedding party understand the bride a little better. So let’s start from the beginning.
Godzilla: a huge, uncontrollable, angry, destroying everything in its path monster. A bride a woman or a young lady, who has dreamt her wedding day for a long time.
Bride: Someone who is about to make a huge commitment to the love of her life. Her Pinterest board is about to come to life and she is planning a 12 hour celebration!
So how did godzilla and bride become a thing?
To understand this concept you have to understand what is happening to your bride. It’s a culmination of every emotion, positive and negative, every fear and insecurity creating pressure over her one day. The wedding day she’s dreamed since she was young. Becoming Bridezilla isn’t an overnight switch although it may feel like that. It’s a build up of anticipation and hope since she was young. She’s dealing with these emotions. While planning a 12 hour event, a new step in her relationship, and trying to please everyone else, of course bridezilla is the perfect word.
A wedding is a day hopes, dreams, wishes and desires of the Bride and Groom. An opportunity for them to showcase their love and celebrate this life long commitment to each other.
Being apart of a wedding is an honor, both bride(s) and groom(s) chose you to come and celebrate with them. This should never be taken lightly. Always remember that.
So when you are in the presence of a bride. And she’s going zilla, take a second and remember that energy is pressure she’s trying to release. It’ll be over by the time both bride(s) & groom(s) exchange vows.
For some reference here is a clip we found from WEtv’s Bridezilla show and their 5 Stages of Bridezilla.

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