A full service event planning firm.

Ellevents Unlimited, Inc. is a Latina-owned company based out of Chicago, Illinois. We’re a full-service event planning company, committed to creating memories, building relationships, and giving back to communities.

At Ellevents Unlimited, we believe it’s the special moments that make an event memorable. We plan the details of a celebration, so that you can hone in on the moments you share with everyone you care. We uplift and give back to communities; we work with vetted local, small, and new growing businesses. 

Our Story

Ellevents was founded on a love for crafting memorable moments for the people who experience them.

We received our start just over 6 years ago with the first wedding ever planned. Back then we saw and understood the challenges of planning events and how we could help solve them. Since then we have grown to a founding team of three, curiously enough, each with our own individual origin stories within the business. From a 16 year old house party planner to a 70+ large family party organizer and an everything bartending  wiz, we cover everything that makes a great event resonate with every guest.



& 70+ events later, we are Chicago’s thriving event planning company. 

A Caribbean Connection

We work with a number of partners in destination events in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Cuba.

A Global Presence

We are based out of Chicago, Illinois with satellite offices near Orlando, Florida, and in Houston, Texas & Barcelona, Spain.


It's in our name. After our first few events we knew we could take on more. We are up for the challenge. It's what we love doing.

Ellevents is committed to building relationships whether it is in the communities, business, personal relationships, or networking. We help plan the things that bring fun and adventure into your office or personal life. We also manage several other properties so helping you find the perfect venue is super easy!  

We are based out of Chicago with offices near Orlando, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Barcelona, Spain. We partners that we work with in the Caribbean that include Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Cuba. 

Our past events include intimate weddings to large parties with guest totals ranging between 30 – 300. And no party alike, our events have included themed & un-themed celebrations like birthday parties, quinceañeras, baby showers, non-for-profit fundraisers and much more.

Ellevents Unlimited, Inc. helps with every task and at the end of the night, rest assured it will be a great event.

Any event can easily become overwhelming! If your first thought is, “I can’t wait to get this over with”, then you should give us a call. As we believe every event should be enjoyed with happiness, love & joy.